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Process Instrumentation and Engineering

Process Instrumentation & Engineering (PIE) Group

This group handles Process Instrumentation products of the company encompassing the measurement of the four basic process variables namely: temperature, pressure, flow and level. Our product portfolio ranges from conventional mechanical gauges to the most sophisticated “smart" Field Instruments, PID Controllers, Recorders and Transducers that measure process condition of all phases of fluid: solid, liquid and gas. Through the years, we go beyond the core process instrumentation and added environmental monitoring, combustion, emission, purity, toxic and flammable gas analysis and detection into the fold. To validate the accuracy and operational integrity of these instruments, a full range of process calibrators and reference standards are also available.

PIE Group also caters engineering services such as process instrumentation and control design, turnkey project implementation, after sales support and instrument calibration. O ur technical staff are well trained and equipped with right skills and certification to handle installation, testing, commissioning and troubleshooting not only on the products we are handling but also on the products handled by other groups.

Products Presented:


Azbil Corporation is the current name of Yamatake Corporation, a Japanese company that manufactures a wide array of Field Instruments, PID Controllers, Switches as well as Flame Safeguard Control. The Yamatake name is very recognizable in the instrumentation world because of its reputation in providing durable and reliable process instruments. Azbil has Pneumatic Pressure and Temperature Controllers, Electronic Pressure and Temperature Transmitters, Magnetic, Vortex, Thermal Mass and DP Type Flow Meters, Panel and Rack Mounted PID Controller, Paperless Recorders, Limit and Proximity Switches. Azbil product on Control Valve & Positioner is handled by our VPG Group.


Sensor, Test and Calibration is a division of Ametek. This division handles the process calibration business and comes under three different names.

Ametek-Jofra is the word leader in Dryblock Temperature Calibrator. Its plant in Denmark manufactures a wide array of dryblocks that can generate temperature ranging from an ultra-low of -100 deg. C to a super high of 1,200 deg. C.

Ametek-Crystal is known for its accurate and rugged digital pressure reference gauges. Its plant in California manufactures its patented temperature compensated sensor that is very stable and accurate even in varying ambient condition. There are models that are certified for Hazardous Area. Documenting Calibration Software that generates and stores test result is also available.

Ametek-M&G provides primary reference standards for pressure such as deadweight tester and comparator gauges. Its plant in Florida, also manufactures mechanical Pressure Test Gauges.

Temperature Dryblock Calibrators

Pumps and Fittings

Digital Test Gauge


Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd. Is a company out of U.K. Its core product is non-contact level measurement using ultrasonic and radar technology. Both ultrasonic and radar transducer can be used to measure level of solid and liquid media and when partnered with the right controller, can function as a stand-alone pumping station controller. By adding a suitable flow element and/or velocity sensor it can also be used to measure open channel flow in streams, canals and WWT discharge. Pulsar Ultrasonic comes in remote, compact as well as two-wire transmitter configuration. Pulsar also manufactures Sludge Level Sensor and Float Switches commonly used in water and waste-water treatment plants.

Recently, Greyline, a manufacturer of Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meter was integrated into Pulsar. This non-evasive flowmeter is capable of measuring both clean/non-aerated and solid laden liquid in fully filled pipes using the appropriate transducer. It has option of temperature when energy measurement is required in cooling and heating systems.



Compact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Badger Meter is an American flow meter company with a wide array of flow measurement technology its portfolio. They also developed their own Advanced Metering Analytics that uses cloud-based apps for managing water utilities, and its metering and reporting needs.

Badger Meter has a meter suitable for water utilities, WT & WWT plants, building automation as well as industrial application. Available flow metering technologies includes Electro-Magnetic, Clamp-on Ultrasonic, Industrial Oval Gear Positive Displacement, Nutating Disc, Turbine, Impeller, Variable Area (Rotameter), Differential Pressure (Pitot, Venturi), Open-Channel (Weir, Flume) and Vortex.


M-System is a Japanese company out of Osaka. It started as a signal conditioner manufacturer. It’s products has a wide range of signal I/O selection and in most cases can be customized as per request of customer and comes in various configuration, from conventional, two-wire, fixed I/O to programmable versions. It also adapts to the European standard by offering DIN rail mounted and slim version. As the company grew, more products were developed by its in-house R&D. M-System has Digital Panel Indicator, Bargraph and Tower Light Indicator, PID Controller, Paperless Recorder, Power Transducer/Monitor, Surge Protection Device, Position Transmitter, Electric Actuators, Web Data Loggers and Open Network Remote I/O System.

Klay Instruments is a Dutch company that manufactures pressure and level transmitter. Klay is known for its all-stainless steel construction and “flush" diaphragm technology which is suitable for sanitary process, pulp and paper and those process that deals with slurry and corrosive medium. In the F&B, Klay can retrofit most brands that are installed as OEM. Most, if not all sanitary connection standards are available. For highly corrosive medium, Klay can provide wetted parts other than SS316, such as Hastelloy, Tantalum, Titanium and Gold Plated SS316. It also manufactures Submersible Type Level Transmitters and Level Switches.


SOR is short for Static O-Ring. Its an American company known for its rugged/durable pressure switches. SOR is a brand of choice in heavy industrial industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Power and Metal Processing Plants. SOR has grown from purely mechanical switches for pressure, temperature, flow and level to electronics. It has now RF and Ultrasonic Gap Level Switches and Pressure Transmitters. SOR products are certified for Hazardous Area and most switch elements has hermetically sealed version.


ABB Measurement and Analytics is the division we represent. This division handles the bulk of ABB’s Process Instruments, PID Controllers and Recorders. ABB state of the art instruments are known to share a common operator interface, be it pressure, temperature, level or flow. If one is proficient with its pressure transmitter, navigating the menu of their level or flow product is easy because the menu structure is the same.

Through the years, its products continued to grow and has its own products to offer when it comes to pressure and temperature measurement. For flow, ABB is known for its trend setting Magnetic, Vortex, Swirl, Thermal Mass, Variable Area, DP Type and Coriolis Mass Flow Meter. For level, ABB has Magnetic Level Gauge and an array of transmitters like Magnetostrictive, Guided Wave Radar, Laser and Ultrasonic.

On the control side, ABB has a good reputation on its Control Master series of PID Controllers, Circular Recorder and Paperless Recorder.


Pyromation is an American company that specializes in Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Sensor including its accessories like terminal head, thermo wells, extension cable and transmitters. Most of these sensors are highly customized, hence it is very important that the correct sensor configuration and dimension is known. Most types of thermocouple can be provided either in MgO filled sheath or Industrial Version. Industrial Type T/C comes in various Protection Tube materials, from standard alloy, ceramic to noble metal. Thermowell may also come in several styles and process connection. Transmitters can be head-mounted or field-mounted. Option like local display can be selected.

Thermocouple Assemblies

RTD Assemblies

Thermocouple Wires



Campbell Scientific has been a global standard when it comes to datalogger for environmental monitoring. Its application can be found in automatic weather station, water quality monitoring, flood warning system, irrigation instrumentation, renewable energy monitoring particularly in solar & wind power, structural/geotechnical monitoring, and soil moisture monitoring. Through the years, Campbell has become a big Systems Integrator of sort by using third party sensors to connect to their loggers and transmitting the measured data thru various platform; from long haul modem, LAN, Wifi, cellular network, radio to satellite and manage these data using its own application software or be exported to third party data acquisition system.

Campbell is a brand of choice of most National Meteorological Agency around the world, thanks to its rugged and very versatile hardware and its incorruptible programming software. Campbell has also specialized system for Airport and Marine Weather as well as Road Weather and Information System.


Servomex has been a major provider of gas analyzers in the Industrial and Process Gas Market; be it for purity measurement, combustion or emission. Its patented paramagnetic Oxygen sensor has been the benchmark in % O2 measurement and is being used by other analyzer brands. Depending on the gas and concentration to be measured, Servomex has the sensing technology for it; coulometric and Zirconia for trace level O2, Gas Filter Correlation, Plasma and GC for trace level measurement of other gases, Flame Ionization for Hydro-Carbon and Aluminum Oxide for Gas Moisture Measurement.

Servomex can also integrate complete engineered systems required in continuous emission monitoring and other measurement where sample gas maybe wet, hot, dirty or pressurized. Analyzer comes in different configuration suitable for field and hazardous area, panel or rack-mounted and bench/portable version.

Land is a division of Ametek. Its main product is non-contact, infrared temperature sensor. Most high process temperature measurement relies on non-contact because it is safe to use and last long compared to contact sensor. Land Infrared Thermometer has been a brand of choice in Glass and Steel Industry. Eventually it enters into a very niche applications in Hydrocarbon Processing, Cement and Power Plants.

Land Infrared Thermometer comes in both Portable and Fix version. Fix version is design for specific process application. For online monitoring of critical process, Land has Thermal Imaging System suitable for Cement Kiln Shell and Hot Zone, Furnaces, Reformers in HC Processing and Coal Stockpile in Power Plant. Online monitoring is done thru its PC-based Application Software. It has also line scanners that can monitor hot material in belt conveyors.

To ensure measurement reliability, Land offers UKAS Certified Calibration for all its products as well as overhauling and repair services.

Portable Thermometer

Spot Pyrometer

NIR Baroscope

Line Scanners


Crowcon is focus in providing reliable gas detector to ensure safety of personnel and assets in areas that are prone to emit pollutants and leaks of poisonous and highly flammable gases. It has various version to suit every user’s needs. Sensor technology varies on the gas to be measured. Portable version may have one or multiple sensors to detect several types of gas. Fix version can have analog output and digital communication that saves cabling when installing several sensors with only one central monitor.

Accessories to ensure measurement reliability and sensor protection are available.


NEO Monitors out of Norway is the pioneer in the development of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy or TDLAS which they successfully applied to the field of industrial gas analysis. To date Neo Monitor leads the market in TDLAS Analyzer in emission and combustion process application. Neo Monitor Laser Gas Analyzer can measure more than 70 types of gas in ppm level using NIR laser. Recently, Neo started to utilize mid-infrared laser in intra-band cascade configuration to measure gases with low absorption properties at NIR like NO, NO2 and SO2 which are commonly measured in deNOx, SRU, SAR and CEMS Applications. Main advantage of Laser Gas is its In-Situ design that requires no sampling system, hence lower capital cost and faster response compared to sampling type analyzer.

Neo Monitor also produces variation of its standard Laser Gas which is installed cross stack. They now have IQ2 Vulcan that measure combustion gases in duct using single flange installation. Laser Dust is Neo Monitor’s product for Dust Loading and Opacity Measurement.

Laser Gas Analyzer

Laser Dust Analyzer

In Situ Laser Gas II Analyzer


Bin Master started as a solution provider to Agricultural Companies that manage Inventory Silos in the heartland of America. They provided various solid level measurement sensors and inventory management software. They now have a complete basket of continuous and point level switches, from Capacitance, Ultrasonic, Guided Wave and Non-Contact Radar and 3D Level Scanner.

3D Level Scanner uses acoustic technology and multiple antenna to measure material position inside the silo and using advance signal processing it creates a 3D profile of the material inside the silo. With its powerful 3D Vision Software, the image can be viewed in the PC and material level can be converted into volume and mass. Sensor configuration can also be done thru the PC. The 3D Scanner has been very effective in measuring material level in tall silo and dusty medium. For large silo, multiple sensors maybe required.


MRU is a company out in Germany that manufactures Portable and Fix Type Gas Emission Analyzer for common combustion process in boiler, furnace, incinerator, biogas and hydro-carbon processes. All common pollutant and toxic gas sensors in various measurement technology like Electro-chemical, Infrared, Gas Correlation, Zirconia, Paramagnetic, Coulometric are available. MRU also provide simple and basic gas sampling system for gas emission application with its own monitoring software.

We are expert in the field of process measurement techniques. We provide the development and manufacturing of progressive, reliable and advanced instruments at a state of the art level.  High performance, high accuracy, high manufacturing quality and easy availability of the measurement equipment have made us to a leader in the supply of process measurement technology.


Hyoda’s history started when the temperature control technology was developed. Since then, Hyoda has been studying continuously to contribute to the society. Since the establishment in 1917, Hyoda has been continuously developing and manufacturing thermometers and other measurement and control devices. The Hyoda brand was born in Osaka, and Hyoda is now delivering various heat control technologies to various users in not only Japan but also overseas countries. The measuring instruments with the Hyoda brand are now exclusively used in the heavy industries (heavy electric equipment, nuclear power plants, ships, petrochemical plants, etc.), light industries (textile industry, dye industry, food industry, etc.), and household articles (microwave ovens, cookware, etc.).


ENVEA brings you the benefit of over 70 years of combined experience in the production of innovative instrumentation for manufacturing industries to provide added value measurement solutions. Working in a wide range of applications from heavy industries such as power, minerals and steel to complex processes in the chemical and food industries, our instrumentation for the monitoring of powder, dust and gas helps to make processes more reliable, increases efficiency and creates cost reduction benefits.


ENVEA brings you the benefit of over 70 years of combined experience in the production of innovative instrumentation for manufacturing industries to provide added value measurement solutions. Working in a wide range of applications from heavy industries such as power, minerals and steel to complex processes in the chemical and food industries, our instrumentation for the monitoring of powder, dust and gas helps to make processes more reliable, increases efficiency and creates cost reduction benefits.

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