Water & Gas Technology

The Water and Gas (W&G) Group offers state-of-the-art products for the measurement and monitoring of water quality, gas emissions, and air/liquid particles. The requirements for measurement and monitoring systems vary across the different industries, which is why the group offers a wide range of products to cater to your specific needs. The Water and Gas Group is currently in partnership with global manufacturer-leaders for analyzers and instruments related to the field. Majority of the fluid analyzers we offer are able to generate multi-parameter measurements, with easy plug-and-play capabilities. These instruments are designed and manufactured for simplicity and accuracy, and are at the same time designed for ease of maintenance, ensuring a lower cost of ownership. Aside from installation, commissioning and calibration assistance for all of the products we carry, the W&G Group also offers Operations and Maintenance (O&M) programs for water and waste water treatment. The group is capable in providing you with solutions to upgrade or build a new system for water and waste water treatment.


Principal Partners & Brands



Wide Range Gas Analysis.



Electro-Chemical Devices (USA)
Industrial Liquid Analytical Instrumentation.



HORIBA (Japan)
Process and Environmental Water Quality Measurement.


Georg Fischer (USA)
Piping Systems, Signet Measurement and Control.


IC Controls (USA)
Process Water Analysis.


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Electro-chemical Devices (ECD) (US)– manufacturer of liquid analytical process instrumentation.ECD’s liquid analytical instruments and sensors provide quick response, reliability, durability and extreme accuracy. Product line includes: Liquid Sensor & Electrodes, Transmitters & Controllers, Portable Analyzers, Cooling Water Controls, Boiler Water Control and even customized water analyzers.www.ecdi.com

Georg Fischer (US)–Most of GF products are available in plastic and are offered with dedicated fittings, which integrate our sensors perfectly into your piping system. Control comprises various control functionalities (from simple relays to PID controllers) and all major communication technologies. Actuation includes pneumatic, electric and magnetic actuators, which can be seamlessly combined with all kinds of valves and accessories.www.georgfischer.com

HORIBA (Japan)–a pioneer to commercialize pH meter in Japan, widely provides ranging from High-precision pH meters to water quality monitoring system, which contribute for environment preservation worldwide leveraged advanced sensor technologies.HORIBA’s Process Analyzers not only uses unique monitoring measurement & fostered sampling technology but also meets the market demanding features like accuracy, stability and reliability to fit your specific measurement requirements.www.horiba.com

IC Controls (Canada)–manufacturer supplying the international market with advanced electrochemical water analysis equipment, sensors and standard. IC Controls evolved to specialized offers in the areas of pH, conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine and boiler water analysis equipment for industry. www.iccontrols.com

SERVOMEX (UK)–expert in gas analysis: The leading provider of reliable, accurate and stable gas measurement solutions to industries worldwide. Servomex’s analyzers offer the world’s largest gas analyzer range.Constructed to meet the extreme challenges of measuring gases in hot and hazardous environments, the SERVOTOUGH process and combustion analyzers integrate Servomex’s exceptional analytical performance into a highly robust and resilient design. Product lines such Continuous Emission and Monitoring System (CEMS), flue gas analyzer and all gas monitoring. ww3.servomex.com



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