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The Systems and Solution Engineering Group is the newest Product Group under P.T. Cerna Corporation, established in 2015. The group was formed to accommodate the increasing demand of Security Systems and Fire Safety Solutions. The group’s goal is to provide cost-effective security system and fire safety solutions to our clients without sacrificing product quality and system integrity. The group is well equipped to serve you with our well-trained staff coupled with the use of quality products from established principals renowned globally. Through these, we ensure that our clients receive the most effective and professional services which are industry standards.

Exceptional, functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge and after-sales support make the Systems and Solutions Engineering Group your ideal choice and not just an alternative for your Security System Solutions and Fire Safety Requirements.

Services Offered

  • Design and Implementation of IP Based Video Surveillance System
  • Design and Implementation of Access Control System
  • Design and Implementation of Wired and Wireless Infrastructure
  • Design and Implementation of Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Design and Implementation of Intrusion and Detection System

Principal Partners & Brands

Brickcom Corporation is a leading network video manufacturer in the IP surveillance industry. Brickcom Corporation has been dedicated to developing the technologies of networking security surveillance, aiming for the leading position of offering the state-of-the-art IP surveillance solutions over the world. Based on the rich R&D experience, Brickcom combines the know-how of wireless networking, broadband networking, and networking surveillance to launch the best IP surveillance solution.

Brickcom Corporation is committed to the long-term development of IP CCTV. In promoting standardization of IP CCTV, Brickcom has joined both ONVIF and PSIA. Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) involve cooperation from numerous manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, and end users who are dedicated to developing global standards for IP security and network devices.

Brickcom has joined these alliances as a way of promoting advanced compatibility of their products with other ONVIF and PSIA supported products. Brickcom acknowledges that customers have many choices for their security needs. Because of this, Brickcom wants to bring products to the market which will be compatible with existing ONVIF and PSIA supported products.



Fire Detection Products from Hochiki, one of the Worlds’ leading manufacturers of quality fire detectors and alarms for commercial and industrial applications, distinguished by its experience and expertise in this field since 1918.

Hochiki has a distinguished heritage of specialist technological expertise which has gained the group its international status as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial fire detection solutions. Established early in the twentieth century, Hochiki has remained an independent, multi-national company which now employs over 1500 personnel in total, operating five manufacturing plants, thirty-one sales offices and eighteen subsidiaries

Hochiki’s deep commitment to the research and development of cutting-edge fire and safety technology is reflected in products’ worldwide acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability. As owners of the world’s largest purpose-built fire test laboratory, Hochiki ensure that their products not only lead the market but are also fully proven in real fire conditions.

In addition, the Group employs over 100 specialist research and development engineers that undertake activities from fundamental research into the physical properties of fire, to hardware and software product design and development

Acknowledged globally by system specifiers and integrators as an international market leader in the manufacture of fire products, the main benefits of using Hochiki products are:

  • High quality of products ensure long term reliability
  • Easy to install
  • Open Protocol for choice and flexibility
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Virtual elimination of false alarms



Digital Barriers was established in 2009 to provide advanced surveillance technologies to the international homeland security and defense markets. Digital Barriers bring innovative new thinking and solutions to the protection of our most critical national assets, locations and infrastructure. We combine a long heritage in the security and defense sectors, with operational expertise and an understanding of how best to apply and deploy emerging technologies.

The company specializes in delivering intelligent surveillance information from challenging environments, and in applying intelligence as close as possible to the scene under surveillance. They work with governments, multinational corporations and system integrators on the most complex and critical surveillance challenges across defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, transport and natural resources.

Digital Barrier technology is designed to work in remote, hostile, and mobile environments, or to support the large-scale surveillance schemes that underpin public safety and security. Today they support the operations of government and law enforcement agencies all over the world. They also protect high-profile locations such as borders, airports, military bases, oil and gas facilities and public transportation systems.

Digital Barrier technical architects, product specialists and design engineers assist organizations in developing surveillance capabilities that provide the intelligence to inform critical decision-making. They work with customers to help them deploy surveillance solutions that are integral to security, safety and operational management objectives.

 Digital Barrier combines innovative technologies with real world expertise to ensure that surveillance solutions are fit for purpose, flexible and cost-effective. They believe in unlocking the potential of technology to improve surveillance, overcoming the constraints of conventional infrastructure and the challenge of large volumes of information

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