Steam Engineering

Established in 2009, the Steam Engineering Group offers products related to steam systems, matching the growing demand for efficient steam generation, distribution, end-use and recovery. With our highly trained and dedicated staff through partnership with leading manufacturers globally, the group aims to provide the best steam engineering services to our customers.

Services Offered

  • Steam Trap Surveying
  • Boiler Combustion Analysis
  • Steam System Evaluation
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Principal Partners & Brands

AUTOFLAME (UK)Combustion management system that aims not only to deliver efficient combustion but also to minimize emissions.

GESTRA (Germany)Collaborated with the top-of-the-line boiler electronics and steam systems automation manufacturer, its boiler electronics products offer high safety integrity level for conductivity, level control, and condensate quality monitoring. High quality steam delivered to heat exchangers is assured by the advanced technical design of its steam traps, steam purifiers and steam trap monitoring equipment.


FUSHIMAN (Japan)Japan’s high grade products, which have contributed to the country’s industrial development, have been highly evaluated over decades. Due to knowledge accumulated from long-term manufacturing experience, Fushiman handles a full range pilot operated Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety Relief valves, and Float Level Switches.


LIMPSFIELD (UK) Manufacturer of high performance burners for industrial applications, Limpsfield offers extensive experience in commissioning and reducing O2 levels in combustion in firetube, watertube and furnace applications. Its burners are designed to maximize efficiency at the same time reduce fuel usage and carbon footprint.

SCHUTTE & KOERTING(S&K) (USA) Schutte & Koertinghas more than a century of experience in the design and manufacture of steam jet vacuum systems,scrubber systemsand desuperheaters.

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