Industrial Automation & Solutions

The Industrial Automation and Solutions (IA&S) Group provides advanced customized control and effective information solutions to assist our clients in the automation of industrial equipment and processes. The IA&S Group, formerly known as the Factory Automation Group, was established in 2007 to support the growing needs of our customers in concretely improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their manufacturing lines.

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P.T. Cerna Corporation is an exclusive partner of Rockwell Automation in delivering leading automation and supply chain management solutions, as well as providing world-class support to our local customers, primarily through the following:

Solving challenges and providing solutions

  • System configuration — Integrated Architecture® systems and components that work together to help meet customers’ objectives
  • Custom solutions — Specified to reduce the total cost and complexity of purchasing, receiving, accounting and staging customer training programs
  • Commissioning support — Seamless, affordable service that gets application or plant up and running quickly

Deep industry, technical and automation knowledge and expertise

  • Industry experience — Extensive knowledge of key vertical industries established in local markets
  • Technical consultants — Qualified engineers focused on industrial and automation applications
  • Automation specialists — Expertise in machine, line, process and plant-wide control and data integration

Principal Partners & Brands


Architecture & Software

This segment contains key elements of the Rockwell Automation control and information platforms, software applications and automation components

  • The Logix control platform — integrates control, visualization, and network and information technologies to provide fully integrated solutions.
  • FactoryTalk® —  an integrated suite of software applications enables real-time information exchange between manufacturing and other parts of an organization
  • The Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture — is a production control and information system that combines the Logix control platform with the FactoryTalk software suite to provide a seamless flow of information.
  • Automation components — include a range of motion, sensing and safety products. These components integrate with control to provide functionality necessary in today’s manufacturing processes

Power & Control Business

This segment consists of motor control products, solutions and services.

  • Variable Frequency Drives — Low Voltage to Medium Voltage Drives
  • Smart Motor Controllers — Soft Starters
  • Industrial Control Products — Circuit Breakers, Relays, Smart Beacons


Harmonic Mitigation, Motor Protection, Power Surges, RFI and EMI Filters.


Gateways, Industrial Wireless Solutions and Media Devices.


Industrial Modems, Bridging Device and Wireless I/O.

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